There are no better comprehensive resorts featuring varied cuisine, beautiful swimming pools, distinctive services and other exciting adventures, facilities and distinctive services.The travel reviews site revealed the top 10 comprehensive resorts based on the members ‘ reviews and opinions about the world’s best comprehensive resorts. Romance at following luxury resorts have no match. Experience the taste of romance at following resorts with full jubilation. To read more information about some best inclusive resorts, click at

1-Tower Resort at Calisto Farm

This resort is located on the shores of Lake Lumel, and specializes in physical therapy, with a basin of mineral water, with great privacy, and each treatment room overlooks a private garden, outdoor bathroom and bathtub. Its prices start from $500 per hour to one person.

2-Paltou Resort

For couples only, it has five physiotherapy rooms, located in the countryside of South Carolina. The resort features a cabin, wooden floors, a fireplace and a relaxation room overlooking picturesque plains and a beautiful lake. Its prices start at $500 for two people.

3-Lukala Island Resort

Located on an island in the Pacific Ocean in an ideal tropical garden, it has special treatment rooms, a relaxing stone room, an outdoor bathroom, and a private dressing room with shower.

4-Rafis Resort, Istanbul

It has three bathrooms, a couples room, relaxation areas with sauna, steam rooms and hot tubs, as well as cold water fountains, and the resort has an outdoor pool overlooking beautiful city views.

10 best inclusive resorts in the world

5-Hotel Dorado Beach Resort at the Ritz-Carlton

Located in a forest area near Dulles Beach in Puerto Rico, it has outdoor bathrooms, stone tubs, marble tables for physiotherapy, and luxury massage room and bathroom, and a private relaxation area for two people, this resort also offers coconut oil massages in a private room.

6-Thales Resort in Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

Located in Burj Al-Arab in Dubai’s Jumeirah area, a 2-storey luxury resort overlooking the Arabian Gulf, the couple can enjoy a swim at a price not exceeding $1900 for two hours. It offers evening massages in a room dedicated to this purpose, and a bathroom in a tub full of floral petals. The night view of the city of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf under the moonlight is an inspiration for the students of romance.

7-Mola Resort in Indonesia

Located on the Indonesian Nusa Dua coast is a peak in luxury, it offers physiotherapy, massages and skin treatments, and contains a hot and cold water basin with the aim of activating the circulatory system and treating joint pain and stimulating metabolic processes in the body. Plus a cooling room after the hot bath.

8-Rivadi Resort

He receives visitors near the city of Krabi, Thailand, surrounded by picturesque tropical gardens, and provides physiotherapy services to the distinctive Thai way, is an ideal place to spend the honeymoon, and its prices are cheap if not more than $150.

9-Mandaren Oriental Resort, Sanya

Located near the city of Sanya, China, is a tropical island, with an area of 3200 square meters. The couple offers a private sauna, a physical treatment of many diseases, a steam room, a swimming pool and a bathtub with red roses, which gives an atmosphere of romance to the place. It offers customers green tea and fresh fruits.

10-Montastero Resort, Santa Rosa

Not far from Rome, featuring a magnificent beachfront location, featuring the art of a distinctive architecture and ancient heritage dating back to the seventh century. Ten, which is suitable for the amateur of history, has a steam room, double tables for treatment and a private room for body care. It offers a distinctive massage service, using natural candlelight oils in a dreamy atmosphere of romance.…

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